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Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 Ways Inter Milan can beat Bayern Munich

The ultimate European football competition is tonight and will be shown on Star Sports or ESPN (not sure) around 2.45 am Sunday morning.

Inter Milan, the Italian champions are hoping to get their hands on the big ear cup and they need to the following 5 things in order to beat the German champs.

1) Keep a high tempo
It has been seen that when they pass the ball around with pace, their opponents get a surprise because they are normally not associated with free flowing fast football.

Inter are also capable of a speedy counter-attack. This can prove to be effective as Bayern cannot depend on their wingers especially Robben to come back and defend.

Sneijder capable of dictating Inter Milan's gameplan

2) Ruffle up Bayern's centre backs
Their center defensive duo of Van Buyten & Dimichelis are not known to be among the most solid in the competition. Inter Milan midfield pulled by Dutchman, Sneijder can take advantage of their suspect poor decision making especially from Martin Dimichelis by weighting in teasing balls that Militon and Eto'o can prosper from.

3) Give less breathing space to Schweinsteiger & van Bommel
The FCB midfield is the driving force behind the Bavarians success this season. However, when they are pressured and given less time on the ball, they will indeed make mistakes. This is evident in Darren Fletcher's goal early in the second leg of the semifinals when Schweiny loss possession which led to the goal.

4)Not to panic
Inter Milan's patience and sticking to their game plan has been the hallmark to their success this season. If they find themselves even or down, they should keep plugging away and not revert to route one football. Substitutions might change they course of the game.

Balloteli might be super sub when chips are down

5) Jose Mourinho
Inter Milan have the ultimate special weapon in "The Special One". He is precise and astute in his directions in his directives to his players and also to tactics. His ability to get the best out of his team and specific players are uncanny.

Mourinho might be the deciding factor in this match up against his mentor, Van Gaal.

Can The Special One pull one over his mentor?


Abnormaltech said...

The special one will deliver something special to the game tonight.

kumfye said...

i place my bet on bayern...

Wayne - World Cup TIps said...

Defense is always the core factor in decide the winner between giants' encounter. Obviously, Mourinho's team are more reliable in back line so I will no hesitate put my stake on Inter Milan to win here.

kenwooi said...

i think inter will nick it =)