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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FF Star Player of The Week

Chief Global Scout's report:
Nasir was the star fantasy player for this week at Sport City.
His performance especially when becoming the goalie with cat like agility has put the others that come regularly to FF sessions to shame. Shame on you...hehehe. Hopeful that Nasir maintains ability to join FF sessions with consistency.
Other notable players that are value for fantasy points are Tajul and Abe (Azli).

Negative mover for this week (by his own admission), Nirwan @ Tag. Unable to reach his regular average of 15 goals per game. This week he could only manage 12 goals (dia yg kata, cam tak percaya aje), which does not meet the KPI for FF execs. Can he somehow recapture his form this week? We'll just wait and see.


Player said...

FYI, this might be the last time we can see Nasir action on the picth.. as we're all aware he'll be going to Jakarta smtime soon..

the starlopak said...

gue bangga sama lok!

Anonymous said...

Hahaaha... got a better offer from Jakarta Futsal Club. Goodbye to all of you folks.. Without your support & guidance, I'll not be able to become Pro futsal player.

kapten kapal said...

gudluck bro! semoga sukses di sana...sampaikan salam aku kat Rossa...