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Monday, June 21, 2010

Are the French players right in revolting against FFF decision?

French players discussing before abandoning training session

After star striker, Nicholas Anelka was sent home by the French Football Federation (FFF) on Saturday, the remaining French World Cup 2010 squad decided collectively to boycott training on Sunday. They came down from the team bus to meet and sign autographs of awaiting fans, who waited to watch them train and went back on the bus several minutes later.

Team captain, Patrice Evra was seen giving Domenach a letter stating that the player are not to train as protest against the decision (Anelka expulsion) and will seek explanation on how dressing room events appeared in L'Equipe newspaper.

Team captain, Patrice Evra having a talk with Domenach

I am totally supportive of their actions as a group but it brings the question, should they put the country's interest & pride first or be supportive towards their now ex-teammate? It seems that the player's have collectively decided that they are already done with this World Cup. So, in itself it answers the question. Players pride comes first.

Domenach will leave after the current World Cup and will be replaced by Laurent Blanc but what squad will he inherit?He must decide whether to start from scratch and leave the "bad apples" of this current squad and only select fresh and new player for his squad or try to work on what is left of the French squad.

Whatever it is, Les Mirables has finally shown its head & put the land of croissants and Eiffel Tower in disgrace.

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