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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ashley Cole will be fined £ 200k by furious Roman

Will be docked two weeks wages for bringing in girl to hotel room during eve of games

Ashley Cole will be fined £200k or 2 weeks wages for his sex scandal. It was revealed that he had TWICE brought in girls during the eve of Chelsea's games. This is in violation of club's rules. 

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich

The club owner has ordered Chelsea's CEO, Gourlay & club manager, Anchelotti to get serious with the players and warn them that further indescretions that will damage reputation of the club would not be tolerated further.

Ashley Cole who is currently out due to his broken ankle had just signed a new contract with the London club with a £100k wage per week. Roman is hitting the players where it hurts the most. The wallet.

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