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Saturday, November 21, 2009

World Cup 2010 Teams...Lets Get The Party Started in South Africa!!!

After a week of heart stopping & controversial World Cup 2010 Playoff, the whole party of 32 teams are complete.

The big boys such as Brazil, Spain, England, Argentina, USA, Germany, France (controversial the max) and others will be there. The whole complete list can be found below. Leave your comments on who you think will win the World Cup in South Africa or the projected finalist next year.

Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain & Switzeralnd.

Australia, Japan, North Korea & South Korea.

Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and South Africa (Host)

Honduras, Mexico & United States

New Zealand

South America
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

2 comments: said...

Argentina and Brazil will probably fight for the title. But Portugal and Spain are climbing up fast, they are also likely to win. I am particularly interested in the North Korea - Brazil match.

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